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   Chinese Training Program
Short-term Chinese Training Program

College of International Education (CIE) offers the different period of Chinese training program. See details in the following table.

Short-term Chinese training program






Short-term Chinese training program

May to July every year(total of  8 weeks)

before March,30th

The beginner whose vocabulary is less than 800 words

Registry fee200 yuan Tuition:  2,800 yuan/8 weeks; 1600 yuan/4 weeks; 1,200Yuan/ 2-3weeks; Textbooks: free for the regular class; charging for the irregular students

Spoken Chinese training

September to October(total of 4 weeks)

before June,30th

Foreigners with some basic knowledge of  Chinese language and continuing to improve the speaking ability

Registration fee: 200 yuan; Tuition: 2,000 yuan; Textbooks: free

Chinese culture experience class

July to August (4-6 weeks)

before June,30th

Foreigners interested in spoken Chinese, understanding Chinese culture

Registry fee: 200Yuan Tuition: 3,200 Yuan Textbooks: free

Group class

Group class requires more than 15 students. CIE will make the arrangement of the courses and activities in accordance with the requirements of the group. We will confer with the group on the time of the class opening, all the costs, etc. We also offer the airport transfer service.

Application qualification

Healthy Foreigners interested in Chinese learning and Chinese culture

Application Documents:

1. Application Form for International Students of Northwest A&F University

(downloaded from http://is.nwsuaf.edu.cn/zlxz/178519.htm)

2. Photocopy of transcripts and diploma of the most advanced study

3. Photocopy of valid passport

4.Certificate of clearance

All application documents will not be returned and application fee is not refundable.

Courses arrangement

Morning: mainly on the Chinese reading and writing, and Chinese listening, speaking and Chinese knowledge.

Afternoonmainly on the language courses, and the language practice, such as movie appreciation, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese drawing, Chinese Kongfu, Series of lectures( Chinese history, culture and economy), etc.

Language practice

Visiting the local places of interest, Yangling Agriculture Exhibition Park, Agricultural Facilities Demonstration Park, etc. Chinese Agricultural Technology Industry experience classes will have another visiting plan.

Travel around

The travel around the university according to the students' need.

Award certificate

Certificate of completion granted by College of International Education, Northwest A& F University.


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