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Now Beijing time
About attending the opening ceremony of university track and field game in 2011

   2011 track and field games starts on 21 April and will last three days. Pay attentions please:
   1. The parade rehearsal of the opening ceremony will be started at 4:00 pm 20th April in north campus;
   2. The leader of the parade, the etiquette girl and all athletes must attend the parade rehearsal and the opening ceremony, other students volunteer to attend.
   3. Athletes take unified sportswear, other students in national clothes.
   4. The opening ceremony will be held On April 21st, our International School admission number is 19.
   5. All participants get together in front of foreigner students apartment at 3:30pm (20th April) for the the parade rehearsal, at 7:20am (21th April) for the opening ceremony
   6. To save money, we will take the school bus instead of renting a bus to the north, please get together on time.
   7. All the athletes should pay attention to the sports time and place.

                                International School
                               19th April 2011

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