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  根据学校安排,元旦假期12月30日至1月1日放假调休,共3天。12月29日(星期六)上班、上课;1月2日(星期二)正常上班,上课In line with the university’s notification, you are to have 3-day holidays( from 30 December to 1 January) to celebrate the coming New Year's Day. 29th December (this Saturday)and Jan 2(next Wednesday) will be a normal working day.

  国际学院办公室提醒广大外国留学生注意假日安全,并就有关事项通知如下The Office of CIE reminds you of paying attention to your safety during the holiday and this cold winter, notifying you of the details.

  一、 遵守中国的法律法规和校纪校规Abide by Chinese laws and regulations of the University

  1. 严格遵守日常教育管理的各项规章制度。留学生要继续自学《外国留学生手册》的有关内容,严格遵守宿舍生活准则、公共厨房使用规范、公寓来访登记制度、公共活动室申请报备、外出请假销假制度等基本行为准则,塑造留学生积极向上的精神风貌,展示留学生的风采。Strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations of the University. All students are required to keep studying the relevant section of the Foreign student handbook.Strictly abide by the rule of dormitory、 public kitchen using 、apartment-visiting registration system、apply to the activity room 、apply for leaving out and other basic conduction,  to show students elegant demeanour.

  2.加强安全知识学习。认真学习《留学生安全知识小册》,全面了解在华人身、财产、用电、火灾、交通、地震和消费纠纷等安全知识,不超速驾驶机动车辆,不接触有毒有害物品,不接收和转发危险信息,切实提高自身认识水平和能力,消除安全隐患,确保生命财产安全。 Strengthen the knowledge of safety learning .Students should learn safety knowledge brochure seriously to have a comprehensive understanding of safety knowledge in China such as personal safety 、property 、electricity、 fire、 traffic 、earthquake and consumption disputes,do not over-speed driving , not contact toxic or harmful articles, not receiving and forwarding dangerous information, to improve your own knowledge level and ability, to eliminate potential safety problems, ensure the life and property safety.

  3. 外国留学生及陪读家属务必遵守中国的法律法规和校纪校规,不得从事任何违法活动;禁止在校园从事任何宗教活动,不接收传递宗教影响制品和宣传资料,不得组织、参与其他人员私自外举办的宗教活动,更不能传教。Foreign students and their family must abide by Chinese laws and the rules of the University, shall not engage in any illegal activities; Prohibited in any religious activities in campus, don't accept religious influence products and publicity material, shall not organize or Participate in other  personnel holding religious activities or preach.

  二、提高安全防范意识Increase Security Awareness

  1.严格履行外出请销假制度,外出杨凌须按规定履行外出请假登记手续,及时报告辅导员老师,按时返校后及时到辅导员处销假;禁止外国留学生擅自离校Once you leave Yang Ling, please report to the teacher on duty and write a note to ask for leave; it is not allowed to leave without approval.

  2.遵守公寓生活准则和生活秩序。严格遵守门禁制度,不无故晚归,不在宿舍喧哗吵闹,影响他人生活和学习;不携带学院以外人员在公寓住宿Comply with the regulations of student dormitory. Don’t come back to your room after scheduled time; don’t disturb other’s normal life; don’t bring people other than those from CIE to stay overnight.

  3.提高宿舍安全用电和防火灭火意识,不得在宿舍乱拉电线,不乱接电源,尽量避免在宿舍房间做饭,不使用大功率电器;长时间外出时关闭门窗和水源、电源开关;在公共厨房做饭完毕及时拔掉电源插头;不得损坏消防设施,不擅自使用防火灭火装置increases the security awareness of fire and electricity. It is not allowed to pull electrical wiring by yourselves in the dormitory; try not to cook in your room, don't use high power applicances; When going out for a long time close windows and switch off water and power; unplug the charger of the appliances after cooking; shall not damage fire facilities, don’t fire extinguishing equipment without authorization.

  4.做好公寓公共卫生维护和宿舍个人卫生清洁打扫,保持通风,避免感染疾病;积极参加并学习艾滋病、疟疾等传染病预防宣传,做到早发现早治疗。如有问题立即报告国际学院maintain public health clean and personal hygiene in your room, keep ventilation to avoid infection disease. Actively participate and learn AIDS,malaria and other infectious disease prevention propaganda, ensure early detection and early treatment. Any emergency pls contact with College of International Education immediately.

  5.遵守交通安全法规和校园交通安全管理规定,不超速行驶,不酒后驾车,不飙车;驾驶证、照齐备的机动车,按照要求停放摩托车和电动车Comply with rules and regulations of the campus traffic management, do not over speeding, drunk driving, drag racing; drive vehicles with official license and plates; Parking motorcycles as required.

  6.外出旅行加强人身财产安全,避免前往人多拥挤的地方和景点,外出看管好自己的财务,尤其是钱包、手机、护照; 深夜不要单独在外闲逛,尤其女生夜晚外出应提高警惕Pay attention to your travel security and dietetic hygiene; don’t visit those crowded places and dangerous tourist attractions;when you are out, pls take care of your wallet, cell phone and passport; Don’t go out alone at night, especially for single female student.

  7.在外饮食提高食品安全意识。不在小摊小贩处用餐,不在非正规没有营业执照的餐馆用餐;购买商品时注意查看保质期When you are eating outside of campus, pls raise the awareness of food safety. Don’t eat at the vendor’ stand and restaurant without license; when buying food remember to check the expiry date. 

  8.注重实验安全。在实验室做实验过程中,严格遵照实验设备的正规操作办法和流程,遵循导师对实验操作的要求和指导,标准化操作实验过程,做好保护措施、提高安全防范意识raise the awareness of experiment safety. During the experiment, pls follow the instructions and procedures of the lab equipment, obey the requirements and guidance of your supervisors and operate the experiments in standardized directions; make precautions and raise safety awareness.

  9.积极关注学校、学院在qq、微信等新媒体平台的有关宣传通知和号召,切实加强自身管理,提高安全意识please be noticed of the informing message of the college qq-group, Wechat and other new media platform for the publicity notice; improve safety awareness and self-discipline.

  请广大外国留学生积极配合学院的各项管理规定,切实提高安全意识,如果发现问题和安全隐患及时与国际学院联系Hope all the international students can follow the regulations and management of CIE; raise your full awareness of safety, if any question, pls feel free to contact CIE.8.     

  在华期间,请保存导师、辅导员老师等联系方式;请及时报告辅导员老师并及时拨打110事故应急求助报警电话Do keep your supervisor and Student Counselor’s contact way, and do call 110 for help under emergency; Facing any problem, you could call your student counselor and report it immediately.

  祝假期愉快,新年快乐!Enjoy your holiday and happy New Year!   
























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